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World Cheese Awards

The best cheeses in the world

World Cheese Awards – a gathering that recalls the best cheeses in the world where producers, suppliers and shopkeepers, consumers and gastronomic critics celebrate tradition, innovation, talent and passion.

The World Cheese Awards took place for the first time in 1988 at the London Food Exhibition, which later became the International Food Exhibition (IFE), which is currently held at the ExCel center in London.
The World Cheese Awards was initially created to bring artisan cheeses into a wider commercial network, introduce them to a greater number of consumers and, at the same time, reward high quality cheeses in the dairy sector. The World Cheese Awards remains a unique event dedicated to the celebration and recognition of quality and excellence in dairy production.

World Cheese attracts over 2,500 entries every year from over 30 different cheese-producing countries.
There are 250 experts who come from Canada, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China, the United States and Europe to collect cheeses.
The jury of the competition is made up of specialists for the evaluation of cheeses, producers, traders and opinion leaders, as well as experts from different sectors such as wine and olive oil, in order to guarantee a more impartial judgment on flavor, consistency and aroma of cheese.
The World Cheese Awards TV is a television channel that broadcasts the event live: producers and connoisseurs of cheeses from all over the world can follow the work of the jury and feel part of the activities that proceed with transparency.
The World Cheese Awards attracts national and international media through a creative and multilingual marketing and public relations campaign.


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